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CWA Patches

The issue of the patches has finally been resolved. During 2012 bargaining with CenturyLink, CWA agreed to a Company proposal that would make uniforms for customer facing employees mandatory. In exchange the Union bargained for a CWA patch to be placed on the uniform. The premise for this is that the CWA Logo would be permanently placed on to the uniform shirt in a conspicuous place agreed to by the parties.

We agreed at the bargaining table that CWA would purchase a patch that would be agreeable to both parties as well as would pay the cost of attaching the patch to the garments. By putting the patch on the uniform, the customers our members serve will be able to recognize that their service is being provided by a trained professional Union member.

We have made arrangements with a Union vendor to provide iron-on patches. An online order form is posted on the CWA District 7 website (link below). Members wishing to order the patches can complete the form and the patches will be mailed directly to them at their home address.

The Union patch is the CWA logo and should go on the right upper arm/sleeve of the uniform shirt

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