Collective Bargaining Agreement:  CWA and Piedmont Airlinesimage21

Collective Bargaining Agreement with CWA and Piedmont Airlines Signed November 5, 2018

New wage scales are effective today. They will be on the check you receive on November 23rd. The lump sum will be paid out within 30 days from the date of signing, which is today (November 5, 2018).  Lump sum is 6% of your total 2017 W-2 earnings, minimum payout is $400, and  must be hired before November 5, 2017 to qualify.

All other changes to the contract will be implemented within 30 days as they need time to be programmed.  When a contract is ratified, there is a period of time that is allowed for to changes to be implemented. Management needs to be advised and trained on those changes. CWA believe the most important thing was to get wage increases implemented immediately.  

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